LMI Survey

The City of Waterville is conducting a survey to determine the need for improvements in public facilities and services. Some of the improvement projects may be eligible for Federal funding. The surveys have been mailed recently, please find time to complete and return the survey in the envelope provided. Your answers will be kept confidential.


Letter from Mayor Stoudt

Dear valued resident,

I write this in efforts to reach everyone in the Waterville community. I want to inform everyone that Waterville IS taking the necessary precautions to protect our utilities, staff and residents from COVID-19. During this pandemic, I feel it necessary to share the current changes in the structure of the city’s operations. I want you to know I am here to answer any and all your questions so please, feel free to reach out anytime. I will update you when operating changes occur.

City Operations – Utility operations continue as normal with the practice of social distancing. Billing will continue as normal, but we kindly ask that you use electronic bill payment or the drop box at the city office or the bank to make your payment as the city office is and will remain closed off to all non-essential personnel. NOTE- At this time, there will NOT be any utility disconnects due to late or non-payment. Those that are experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19 should rest assure the city will work with individuals to bring their account back to current when COVID-19 passes and the degradation that it brings is over.

Fire – No change in the operations of Waterville fire outside of the practice of social distancing.

EMS – No change in operations of Waterville EMS outside the practice of taking necessary additional precautions to protect our EMS personnel and residents. Assistance will be requested only when required and by EMS discretion.

Police – No change in operations of Waterville police outside the practice of social distancing. I have asked that Waterville police not make personal contact with persons unless required and with proper use of PPE.

I want also to reiterate that anyone needing assistance (picking up groceries, prescriptions, etc.) during this time, please reach out to myself.

Waterville business owners are vital to our community. I cannot stress enough for businesses in need of financial support to contact myself or Heather Anderson directly for information regarding assistance. I will send out information on support as I receive it.

In closing, I kindly ask that each of you do your part in the practice of social distancing.

I wish everyone well and I want you all to know that we are here for you!

City Office – 785-363-2367 - Mayor – 785-713-9538

Council Member contact info can be found on the city website at cityofwatervilleks.org


Josh Stoudt, Mayor


Waterville's 150th Celebration

The current place to find information on Waterville's 150th Celebration can be found on Facebook! Search for Waterville's 150th Celebration and 'like' to follow!

Interested in Politics?

Interested in politics?

Did you know census data is used to reapportion the U.S. House of Representatives–it will determine how many seats the state of Kansas gets (currently we have 4). Furthermore, census data is used to redraw the boundaries of state legislative, local, and school districts, adapting to changes in population.

In terms of politics, taking the census is just as important as voting–both a civic duty of each resident. Learn more today at kansascounts.org. #KansasCounts #2020Census

2020 Lifeguard and Pool Manager Applications

Applications for pool manager and lifeguards will be accepted until March 9, 2020. Applications are available at the city office or on this site under forms.

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