City Dump

The Waterville City Council would like to remind everyone that the city dump is an acceptable site to dump brush only. Please be sure that you are only leaving brush so the site can remain open for use at all times!


2024 Approved Budget

The Waterville City Council passed the 2024 proposed budget as published on Monday, August 28. For a copy of the budget summary please go to news and information on this site and it will be under forms.


Proposed 2024 Budget

The governing body of the City of Waterville will meet on August 28, 2023 at 5:15 p.m. at the Waterville Community Center for the purpose of hearing and answering objections of taxpayers relating to the proposed use of all funds and the amount of ad valorem tax. Detailed budget information is available at City Hall and will be available at this hearing.


Waterville RV Park

Waterville RV Park is located in the 400 block of East Commercial Street, between Commercial and Walnut Streets.


Audio Tour Guide

Welcome to Historic Waterville

Enjoy learning more information about several historic locations in Waterville. You can find a map and audio tour information on this website under News and Information - Forms - Audio Tour, have fun!


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