Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Waterville Spring Cleanup

April 12-22

The City of Waterville will have dumpsters located on west Railroad Street between S. Colorado and S. Nebraska Ave.  One dumpster will be for trash and the other will be for construction and demolition material. Please put your items in the appropriate dumpster, they will be marked! There will also be a trailer available to dispose of scrap metal items, appliances etc.

Please do not overfill the dumpsters, they will be monitored and dumped as needed between these dates. No tires, paints, solvents, pallets or yard waste.  The brush dump, located west on Walnut Street, is also open and available during the day.

The Marshall County Solid Waste Transfer Station will take tires, price is per tire and you can find more information on their rates at

The city will not be picking up any items from your property this year.

**Reminder** The brush dump is for brush, leaves and grass clippings only, no construction material or trash is allowed!


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